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They sell wild blueberries at most grocery stores. Slightly more expensive than “organic” blueberries that are farmed, but not prohibitively more expensive. I already eat 1 cup of them per day because of how many wild blueberry studies have been funded. Get them from the frozen section because freezing the berries first makes the antioxidant compounds more bioavailable.


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I don’t understand why blue light blocking amber contacts aren’t a thing yet. Obviously they are only useful for after sunset, but that’s a long portion of the day. I would be willing to swap day contacts out for night contacts for the widespread benefits of keeping the photocycle intact.


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Audiobooks and walking has been so great for me the last month. You can see the difference it’s made even with no other changes. . For me, replacing a single TV show with them can get me over 4000 steps. I do most of my walking in the dark and it’s great for decompressing the mind and promoting sleep afterwards.

Right now, I’m starting a long audio series (over 140 hours of content total so far) so I have an excuse to keep walking. I’m doing a little club so we can discuss the books while we read them and discuss our fitness progress using the audiobooks this way. We’re starting the first book tonight if anyone wants to join. :) r/CormoranStrikeRunClub