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I'm actually glad I didn't adopt a young cat because of the energy level. I know it's different for every cat and their health/age affects it, but Bunny is enough for me. A kitten would only happen if one decided to walk through the door.


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I'm going to have to ask you to repeat that, I can't hear you over this one screaming and purring.

I'm joking, but she sounds like a bus backing up because it's lunchtime. One of the stupid arguments for not getting an older or previously owned cat is that the cat won't have a personality. As my Bunny and all social media show, the only thing with pre-owned/older cats is that they're already spoiled rotten. They know how to manipulate from day one.


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Bunny was a weird gal from day one. She was wary but loved petting. Toys and hands with toys seemed to be a foreign concept, so taking the tag off of the one in the photo right then would've had her go back under the bed.

It turned out that she only plays with bird toys. The toy in the photo is called purple guy. He survived because I've Pavlov trained Bunny into using it as a nap head pillow when she climbs into my lap.


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She likes texture.

Bunny stole a pillowcase, but it wasn't really a pillowcase. It was an artsy potatosack one that was for presentation. It's now on the left side of Grandma's bed. Grandma can never marry again because the cat took the spot.

Long fiber bathroom rug. New tile. Mattress pad. If it's new texture, it becomes one of her favorite spots.

I just didn't think this would make her go blue screen.