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It seems kind of bonkers to allow former military officers to renounce their citizenship and work in a sensitive industry in a hostile country. OTOH, maybe nobody ever imagined this level of shenanigans.

Related, it’s pretty common for former service members to take related employment in the private sector. I’m guessing this guy seriously burned some bridges stateside to end up in China.


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Is it not clear to the casual observer that the Google culture of launching new products to get recognition and promotions is the direct cause of those products failure? Nothing will ever succeed in the market if the creators fuck off to the next shiny thing after the launch announcement goes out.

They need to incentivize things actually succeeding in the market and not just leaving beta.


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I’m a little less sympathetic to participants in exurban sprawl. The town mandates one acre minimum lot size, one dwelling per lot, and no above ground utilities. The median home price there is in the millions. Literally luxury problems.