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His earlier stuff is more relatable and to hats what made it so popular IMO. Now he just raps about him being a mogul and his woes against the fashion industry or whatever. It's like...dude you're the only person this applies to. Nobody cares. His rap stopped being relevant a while ago. As far as the music it now sometimes feels like he's trying to hard to be different and it's just..meh.


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>The man has literally done nothing to change music in any way. So my opinion is hes an average at best musician

I think that's really big reach. I don't really know what constitutes a musical genius, as it's really a subjective term. People use the terms virtuoso or prodigy and honestly I think those do apply to him. The difference is that he's not a musician that plays instruments. As a producer, you have to put him at the top of the field and he has had an undeniable impact on music and culture in his career. I was around before Kanye and music immediately started to sound different because of him. He produced for so many artists before he became a solo artist (and after) and he absolutely shaped the sound of hip hop and I would say is in part responsible for how mainstream it is today. I find it very hard to deny that. I was there. I saw and heard it and was part of the culture and it will be near impossible convince me otherwise based on my lived experience. College Dropout changed rap/hip hop music and culture. I saw the hardest dudes you know wearing layered pink polo shirts with the collars up.

Now with that said.....

He absolutely deserves the backlash he's getting now. I stopped listening to him as an artist probably 10 years ago when he came out with the Confederate flag clothing. That was before Kim Kardashian. That was before the "slavery was a choice" comments. That was before the stalkerish, threatening behavior against his now ex wife. That was before the antisemitism. I was done a long time ago. I think it's good that he's getting dropped maybe it will give him a reality check that he's not a god among men. But sadly it probably will just make him more bitter and angry and we'll have to hear him whine incessantly about it. (Kinda like Donald Trump)