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The expression "get rid of" sends a chill up my spine as well.

"Hey, Todd. Look, I don't want to be a wet blanket or anything, but last month I lent you twen-..."

"AVADA KEDAVRA! Heh-heh... that's another burden swept under the rug!"


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His dad's stage name was Blackie Dammett, and the only time I had ever seen him was in National Lampoon's Class Reunion and as a thug in Lethal Weapon.

Eerily handsome guy, but not the sharpest knife in the drawer. He had given a tearful testimony about how badly he screwed up his kid, thinking that introducing Anthony to drugs at such a young age would make him the coolest dad ever. I've grown up with kids who experimented early, and it was almost always the same tragedy on some level or the next. The ones who recovered in turn became the coolest, most successful but humble guys I know.

I don't know if I would judge Blackie as "evil" but definitely stupid. He's been in the ground for nearly two years now, so I don't suppose it matters.


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I presume perhaps it's our age difference and life experience that causes us to think differently, if you don't see what I mean. I could try to see it your way, but I just don't. I've had this discussion with others, and they haven't said anything substantial to sway me, based on what the film presents. "Maybe" or "if that was me" don't absolve the given evidence when I judge Rose.

I'm not interested in sitting through the film to provide anyone with supporting points, either, so one can take or leave my assertions. She's all about her love of Jack, and everyone else can hang (including Jack, if we say there's room on that door for two). If that makes her a good person, so be it. But I find that to be a little reptilian.


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Yeah, all I meant by that comment was that the fun seems to have been taken out of it from some time, like they've somehow forgotten to include that aspect in movie making. Even dramas can have some element of ridiculousness, as Goodfellas and Casino do. Cartoonish, but vivid characters and events are what I pay money for. "Story" feels more like "content" to me without it.


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I'm 48, and I remember when going to the movies didn't promise anything other than a bit of fun, and that was what I was in for. Otherwise, what I gained from them was a sense of structure, ideas that opened up my own imagination and on the odd occasion, a bit of education. Even a screwball comedy like Porky's is dumb fun, even if it's offensive and sometimes lame.

TV and gaming has virtually replaced cinema as entertainment, though I'll argue that cinema is superior because one can take years to produce a really good movie. The quality shows through when done right.

I prefer episodic tidbits on TV, which is also done away with, but making a comeback in the better shows. The Last of Us seems to be getting this right. By "episodic," I mean that there might be one overarcing plot, but you can distinguish one episode from the other because of events that happen and the characters that get focus. Very dialogue-heavy, and the motivations would be made clear through this method. You used to know Star Trek episodes by their name.

I mean, I could go on forever on the topic, and give you my top 100, but it looks like others are pouring it on. If you ever are looking for a specific subgenre film, or have a favourite, come and talk to me. I can always steer you towards more material of similar substance.


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If these speculations you offer are valid, they should be included in the film's narrative. Otherwise, Rose is depicted as someone who views others as pure utility. This includes the exploration crew who helicoptered her in to help them find the necklace. Fat neckbeard is portrayed to be a selfish pig, but he's actually right to be upset with her. Paxton's character on the other hand looks like a romantic fool.

Her granddaughter is standing right there while Rose talks about a man other than her grandfather. I don't know about you, but if my grandmother started talking about some mystery boyfriend from long before I was born, I'd feel really weird about her.

I love/am attracted to all kinds of people for various reasons at various levels of intensity, but my spouse is my #1 heart and my hero. I can reminisce all I want about past loves, but the person who put years of time, affection, patience and memories into me absolutely must be the love of my life. Nothing could supersede that on a human timeline.


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I don't like modern movies because they at some point switched both the format and the formula. They're hard for me to sit through, much less enjoy, and I admit that if it's made after 2012, they largely become background noise while I do housecleaning. They totally fail to pull me in, and if that goes beyond ten minutes, I'm pulling my hair out.

They just don't engage me as a person because they rely on me to automatically assume to know the characters without any exposition. A little heads-up to understand what they're all about really helps me to have any concern for them in the film's events. Instead, there is this idea that I am going to follow these vague people for an hour before some important revelation is given very late in the story. Not going to happen, sorry. Maybe that makes them more "real" to the audience, but reality is what I am trying to get away from when I watch movies. I'll enjoy an hour of character development if that makes the stakes in the action more palpable.

And you're definitely onto something with "memorable = good." John Williams' music is the secret weapon for both Spielberg and Lucas, because his themes are so recognizable and play in your head for days after. Movies scored by Jerry Goldsmith have a similar quality, but most people would agree that Williams is king. Pick up as many of their soundtracks as you can. When I was younger, just listening to them with my eyes closed was like watching a different movie every time.


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I'm happy to, buddy. I have a few others, if you're curious. I may be a lot older than you, but I know the movies that keep me coming back, and I suspect they'll translate well for you. They keep your attention because you find yourself strangely invested in what happens next.

Big Trouble in Little China (give it a little time for lead-up into crazyland).

Goodfellas and Casino are movies that woo you with the glamour of the crime world and then carefully explain why it's a trap in the second act. Boogie Nights has similar themes.

Not only do I believe these movies will captivate you, but they might help you to "train yourself" to enjoy other movies as well. Developing an appreciation for something for ADD/ADHD people often requires for you to know what to look for in a good movie. When it just seems like a diarrhea of spectacle or a dry nothingburger, you have no anchor to accept why others might watch it, but it's there. I hope for anyone to love cinema, because it's always been my comforting escape.


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Grosse Pointe Blank might interest you, depending on your age.

Runners-up are The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, A Fish Called Wanda and Ghostbusters.

I have ADD (diagnosed in the 90s myself) and these are cross-genre movies I watch again and again. They're visually attractive without beating you over the head with it. The stories are well-paced as journeys and there's a certain amount of equality between all speaking characters. All relevant, all interesting people even if we focus on the protagonist.


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I criticize stuff that I believe could do/be better, pointing out what causes the work to suffer. I also give credit where it's due. Some people are just negative in their focus, and I can choose to take or leave it.

Gal Gadot did a fine job, can't think of who would be a better Wonder Woman in this day and age. If people want to bitch without having supporting points, I just let them bitch. How miserable must they be?