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Why do you hate America? Cops are just honest, hard-working, union boys with too much pressure placed on them by a bunch of woke lefties. Next thing I know you'll suggest that we take away their ability to kill at will while protected from any repercussions. I swear, this country is doomed.


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I was commuting home from work on 676 in Philly yesterday. I merged into what appeared to be a clear right lane only to realize a few moments later that it was not, in fact, clear, as an asshole who I practically merged into turned their lights on to flash their high beams at me. Real nice of them.


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Yeah, I thought it was hilarious. The last time I looked up or knew any of these figures was a few years ago, and I'd remembered California being right up there with PA for both compensation and size of the legislature. I did not remember NH. It tracks though, as they claim to be a "Citizen" legislature. The fun part there though is that their pay is so woefully inadequate that it discourages anyone who isn't turbo wealthy from being a state rep/senator, just as the Mises libertarians intend.