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Thank you, I would just add that Canadians are awesome. Life long hockey/Devils fan so I have had plenty of time hanging around them, lol. I met Ken Daneyko (Legendary NJ Devil/Canadian if you are not a hockey fan) when I was a kid and he slapped me across my back with one of his gigantic hands and I almost fell over. Ken turns to my Dad and says, "He's a bit small but he's got guts!" hahahaha.


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I am a little late to the party but I am a librarian here in NJ and I just ordered "You Will Find Your People: How to Make Meaningful Friendships as an Adult" for my collection. The reviews in the journals were very positive, might be something worth checking out of your local library when it's published on April 26th.



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From a 2/2022 article...

"The Paterson Police Department has 29.5% white officers, while the census puts that portion of the population at 8.5%. Meanwhile, 51.1% of the police force are members of various Latino cultures, while the census says Paterson’s Hispanic residents make up 61% of the population."



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Your thought for the day:

Population of Iceland: 372,520

Population of Newark NJ: 307,220

Population of Essex County NJ: 854,917

For scale purposes!

The fact that Iceland produced a talent as world class as Bjork with that tiny of a population is truly something else!


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Is it crazy of me to to think that if this congestion pricing plan goes into effect, there could be great second and third order economic effects for Newark and Jersey City? One way for NJ to fight back against congestion pricing to Manhattan is to continue to improve and build up the cities on our side of the Hudson.


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I would argue it's going to be generalized AI, because the AI itself will begin to make breakthroughs that we couldn't.

AI, even in its current relatively primitive form, has already discovered an antibiotic before humans did. https://news.mit.edu/2020/artificial-intelligence-identifies-new-antibiotic-0220


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For 9 years, I worked at the Apple Store in the Willowbrook Mall, where I interacted with many thousands of people from every corner of New Jersey, and the world. I helped nuns, convicted felons, celebrities, pro athletes, and even a Real Housewife of NJ or two. And I can say, without any hesitation, that my favorite customers were Black customers from Newark. Funny, friendly, and chill.

Newark has, as you point out, so much going for it. And contrary to what so many people inside and outside of NJ think, Newark’s people are the top asset.


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Agreed. But there are things you can still do -- vet the reputation of the dealer thoroughly. Be skeptical of prices that are too good to be true. There are also some signs of flood damaged cars you can look for when checking the car out on the lot.



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I have no experience with this dealer as a customer, but one thing to keep in mind is that Florida was slammed a few months ago by Hurricane Ian, wrecking an ungodly number of cars. Shady dealers will buy hurricane flooded cars out of state, for pennies on the dollar and then “wash” the title when they put it up for sale in another state. Not saying that’s the case with these cars you listed, but just keep that in mind.


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It is remarkable to think that the US Healthcare system is not the result of any grand plan or national strategy, but a series of historical accidents, most of them occurring in and around World War II. Factory owners needed to keep up with the breakneck demand of the wartime economy, and looked to "fringe benefits" to attract workers, including private health insurance plans. Then the IRS really threw gasoline on the employer provided health insurance model by issuing a ruling in 1943 that health insurance benefits were not taxable.

The structure of our healthcare system is an 80 year old hack. It's highly illogical, inefficient, and very very expensive.


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Fivethirtyeight has Van Drew a 99 to 1 favorite. He knew what he was doing when he switched parties. If he had not, he would have been Sweeney'ed.


People tend to demonize opportunists like Van Drew, but I focus more on the voters. After all, Van Drew is acting rationally, looking out for himself.