mjsisko t1_iydby48 wrote

If you come to my property to harm me or my family you have already told me that you don’t value your life at all. Why should I place any value on it? The OP on this is correct. You enter my property with the intent and a ability to harm me or my family I won’t hesitate to end your time stealing oxygen from the rest of us. They won’t hesitate to harm me or mine.

If this makes you uncomfortable that’s good. It should, but it should make you reevaluate how important your life and the lives of loved ones are to you. There is nothing on this earth I wouldn’t do to protect my children from harm up to and including trading my life for theirs. Anyone that soundly say the same needs to look inside for answers.


mjsisko t1_irek1tl wrote

Was full time with a company, benefits/vacation/sick time, all the things at 25$ an hour. Switched to independent contractor and lost all of those things. I now bill at 90$ an hour and take as much time off as I want. I work for whoever I want and I am rarely not busy. Who is stealing my wages?