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I never understood the allure of waiting for well over an hour for a run-of-the-mill (at best) family style chicken dinner. Village Haven is a great place to eat though...good menu, good service.


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Even if she did have some cash left, she could easily donate that cash to another candidate, or to the party, if she wasn't going to use it. She could also donate it to charity. She just couldn't convert it to personal use, which she hardly needs anyway. I just can't imagine any scenario where anyone with her gig, salary, and power would give it up to be at the bottom of a 435 person cluster-bleep.


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The right wing nutbags couldn't care less what the rules call for. They don't answer subpoenas, they attack our capital (killing police, and call it a "peaceful protest") because they don't like the results of an election, and they stack our court system with like-minded traitors using whatever underhanded means needed. Same with local school boards all over the country. The right follows their own set of rules, and "fuck you if you don't like it, libtard" is their mantra.


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>Do you pay for access to articles that will take you 30 seconds to read and never look at again?

Nope...but I don't bitch about it either. Reporters deserve to get paid for their work just like anyone else. If it's not worth it to you, don't click the link, and don't expect to read it. The length of the article is irrelevant. Anybody with one iota of common sense knows a Globe article ain't coming for free.