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I won't enjoy the cameras on the highway and will email and call my representative letting them know. If Lamont does this one thing I hate, but 10 other things with which I am in favor, who do you think should get my vote? You act like our politics are like a buffet where you can choose some of this, a little of that, and end up with the perfect dinner plate, but the real world doesn't work like the Bacchanal buffet.


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You may be shocked to hear this, but no one agrees 100% with everything a political leader does. With 332 million people in this country and a choice of two candidates to represent them, you can work out the probability that one of the two candidates will check off every box of all 332 million people. So what do you do? You vote for the guy that best represents you and your values. In our case, the choice is between Lamont or whoever the Jewish Space Laser party nominates.


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I've seen it. Ironically I've seen some drivers who do this use their blinkers to go in and out of the shoulder. I always wondered what would happen if someone jumped into the shoulder and then suddenly was face to face with a cop car parked there with a disabled vehicle or accident.


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NC has a similar income tax as we do. If you make $100k in NC you'll pay $4,750 in state income tax. In CT you'd pay $4,780. In NC you will likely pay higher sales tax up to 7% depending on where you shop. NC also has an annual car property tax like we do. NC also has a driving tax a.k.a. tolls while CT has none (for now). You'll likely save big on property tax on your home, though give some of those savings back in insurance costs. On a net basis you're probably coming out ahead in terms of overall effective tax rate, but on paper it doesn't seem worth taking a haircut on income just to save a little on the tax side. I'd much rather start with the biggest pile of money I can get my hands on, and then figure out how to reduce the tax liability as much as possible. Also we use median incomes to avoid having it skewed by millionaires/billionaires. It's not an average, it's the median.


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Your ID is your name + DOB/SSN. Your address has nothing to do with your identity as it is not unique to you. There are very few times and places where you need to prove your address outside of voting. Having your address on your license or ID is overkill and unnecessarily compromises personal information any time you show ID. Ironically CT doesn't use SSNs for your driver license number because of this.


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It's expensive as hell, but I don't know if I'd call it a scam. Those poor bastards in Texas a couple years back that got a $17,000 electricity bill during a snowstorm... now that seems more like a scam than anything Eversource does to us.