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Wilbur Cross is on it's third (or fourth) principal this year. I don't know what you're arguing here--

Amity regional is consistently rated among the best systems in the state and even enters the national conversation sometimes. New Haven is an under resourced urban school system with the typical problems that come along with that.

Do New Haven kids deserve everything that Amity kids get? Absolutely. But, if I am asked where someone with choices should send their kid, there are few compelling reasons to choose NHPS over Amity, Guilford.


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Absolutely true. For reasons beyond my understanding, paying for proximity to NYC is a thing-- even though no one commutes any more.

Absolutely true. For reasons beyond my understanding, paying for proximity to NYC is a thing-- even though no one commutes anymore.


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All things being equal I would want my kids to go where graduation rates are higher, support services are better, extra curricular activities are more vast and the faculty is more stable.

Amity Regional hasn’t had three principals this year. Fairfield hasn’t had three superintendents in the last five.

Lots of kids are successful coming from NHPS— great. Doesn’t mean it’s the best choice for a kid new to the area.


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Best public school districts within commuting distance to Yale are Amity (Towns of Orange, Bethany, and Woodbridge), and Guilford public schools.

If you want to drive a bit further Madison and Fairfield have truly excellent school systems.

I’d avoid New Haven Public Schools. They do struggle with issues common in urban schools that serve a high diverse, poorer population.

This are isn’t cheap, and, even a $500k house doesn’t guarantee you a good school system.


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All methods of recovery have a 10-15% long term recovery rate. AA is a faith based option that works as often as anything else.

What AA does do is provides a round the clock support system that’s invaluable to many addicts.

It’s also free.

Not sure what your anti-AA crusade is about, but someone recovering from addiction often tries and uses multiple recovery programs and methods.


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Lots of good lunch spots. Match Burger in Saugatuck is great and consistently has the best burger in town. Hudson Malone and Spotted Horse are great if you’re in the downtown area!