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I agree... However, I find myself laughing a bit here as I work remotely for a tech company based in NH while I live in Maine. The thing keeping me from moving to NH? Not wanting to pay $8-10K/year in property tax on a house I could get for the same price in Maine and pay 1/4 of that in property taxes.

Sure, cheap booze and no sales tax or state income tax would be nice along with proximity to Boston, but it's not worth budgeting 1/4 of my salary in property taxes IMHO. I'm looking at other locations out of state as I have family/work connections in Minnesota, and I could get more house for my money there.


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Jesus (things are pretty Jesus-y up north) and peer/family pressure are pretty strong motivators (or demotivators to do anything else, really)

I'm the only one of my high school graduating class of 36 who "escaped" the north and the only one without kids. Coincidence? I think not.


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Now it's Gen. Z having kids here. My niece is 24 and has a 1 year old and she's considered to have had kids "later" in life when compared to her peers/our other family members except my sad, single 30 something self.


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Same... I don't put anything indicating my beliefs on my home, car, or person, because I can't risk any of these freaks getting violent (as they often do) as a solo female.

However, I'm in the process of house hunting, so it has helped me to determine which neighborhoods to avoid by the number of certain signs (and other symbols) that I see.


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I do have this feature in my car (newer model Subaru). I have no idea how people aren't paying attention with it. The damn thing beeps at everything.