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The flow of immigrants from the US to Canada is about 1/10th of vice versa, per capita. In order words, roughly the same numerical amount of people migrate in both directions, but the US is 10X as large. Having lived in both countries, there isn’t much in Canada to attract an American other than a spouse. There’s nothing wrong with Canada, it’s just that everything in Canada is available in the US as well. “Free” health care? Yeah no. The waiting lists here in Canada would shock and appall most Americans. I got far better care in the US than here in Canada, but I sure wouldn’t want to get caught without insurance in the US (most people have excellent insurance).


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At least in the US, speech is protected by the First Amendment whereas obscenity is not — the reverse of what you said. “Ideologies of hate” are terrible, but banning them is much worse. For one thing your idea of hateful ideology might be very different from, for example, a Muslim American. For centuries we’ve known that the best antidote for bad speech is more speech, not censorship. All you do is drive people underground, and lose any chance to reason with them.


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If you’d told me 30 years ago that a majority of young people would support state censorship of speech by 2020 I’d never have believed you. Throughout history the censors have never, ever been the good guys.

Maybe the kids who are yet to be born will lead us back to the freedoms that took more than 1,000 years to accomplish.


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Now now. You know that Reddit is very much in favour of cracking down hard on these protests. China should invoke the emergencies act, send in the shadowy police who don’t have any visible ID, and freeze the bank accounts of anyone who donated $10 to the protest.

Worked great in Canada.


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Information will find a way to be free. The leftist project to censor Wrongthink has failed, as it so richly deserved.

Yes hate speech is disgusting. But the best disinfectant is sunshine. Reveal the haters for what they are. Censorship always makes things worse.