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You can literally buy any color housing you want for any iPhone and transfer the guts and display over yourself! Fingers crossed apple doesn’t notice that bright Alpine, green rainbow sparkle shit when ya bring it in for warranty exchange I could’ve are you with them forever I feel like no I’m telling you it came like this out the fucking box it was a special Mr., who’s the boss, YouTube don’t y’all remember running that promotion?!


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Maybe like a super dark red almost rust colored. They’ve really never ventured far from their pro models color options because apple feels that dark gray/black, gold and silver/white represent luxury, and then the 4thrandom very dark/light yet colorful (in the right light with the deep purple) for the people that want to be a little different. And of course, around March or April we MAY get a surprise color that will also not be that flashy and usually is released on a certain type of holiday And it will also not be that colorful, dear lord, I believe that emerald green was the ugliest color on an iPhone I’ve seen since the 4C line. All the 4C Models blah