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Midjourney. Be prepared to spend $30 a month on the subscription because the free time is barely enough to feel what it can do. There is a learning curve to using Discord if you never have before and learning to adjust the settings and prompts takes patience. Even then most of the images will be garbage but It is an amazing tool for getting outside of your own head. Every once and a while it will terrify you with how clever can be.


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Everyone in the area had a story about seeing it but nobody believed each other’s until one day the creature was spotted in a stream by some children that were as bold as they were fast. By the time the old man became aware of what was happening the whole town had gathered at his barn. If it had been anyone else that mob would have burned down the barn and shot anything that came out but when the old man quietly asked them to sit and listen they complied. “I’d like you to meet my wife” he said, “I’ll let her tell you her own story.”

I got stuck with the design of the Jersey Devil character for a while and kept sketching goat demons or people goats. I used Midjourney AI and prompted it with old descriptions of the Jersey Devil and after a few hundred iterations found a few images that I used as references for this painting that seemed like something less supernatural and more like something nature could (but maybe shouldn’t) make.