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Oh fuck it's YOU. I should have known. I've not really read much in a while. It's so nice to wander by and find you here, doing what you do so well. Just as I'm thinking how good this is, in that familiar way you have, I get to the end and see your name.

I have some catching up to do, I think.


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I discovered cholula makes a very nice version of Buffalo wing sauce!

It really depends on what the dish is. High River Rogue is at the top of my everyday enjoyment heat level. High River Tears of the Sun is milder and tropical fruit based which I like on eggs. Bravado blueberry/ghost pepper pushes my envelope, and is something I add to canned soups. Queen Majesty makes a scotch bonnet ginger sauce that's my alternate everyday....

I got into watching Hot Ones on YT a while ago and bought sauces from the show and have never been disappointed. Their Los Caliente sauce isn't really hot but has good flavor.

I also buy locally made hot sauce when I visit places (and ask for them as gifts if anyone asks what i want), and right now I'm working through a cranberry lime one from Nantucket and a smoky Serrano one from Denver. My friend in Canada got me some interesting maple ones, but I haven't received them yet.

The universe of sauce is a vast and varied space!