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My 2-bedroom apartment in Ardsley (Glenside) should be getting posted soon. We have a friend who is potentially moving in but if he doesn't work out, I can try and send the link once it's posted. We pay $1250 but I think the rent is going up a bit. It's a 5-min walk to the train and a 5-minute drive to Glenside station, which has two trains. Also very close to Jenkintown station, which has 3 trains. It'd be available in June.


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There's another thread if you search Mina on this sub. The TLDR is that the worker's claimed "harm" occurred and demanded that the owners give them the business and the building. The third owner (mother of one of the day-to-day operators and main funder of the business) basically said hell no, shut down the café, and put the building up for sale.


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John's Driving School took me on the highway when I did lessons with them in 2018. I used a different school prior to that, and I really felt John's taught me how to drive and not just pass the test.