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Yeah, the filipinos I'm talking about are specifically filipino-americans.

I even personally had a filipino friend who I referred to as "asian" once, and he immediately corrected me and said he wasn't asian.


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S. Korea is unique as far as east asian countries go where the majority of the population is Christian -- in part from a century of American missionary work, but also due to a lot of the fallout from the Japanese occupation during World War 2.

A conservative culture + a conservative religion means stuff like this takes a while to get going.


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Let's be honest. Nobody is stereotyping this dude as an asian. He even says himself that he only recently fully owned his asian heritage.

Not saying he doesn't have the right to claim he's Japanese because he is, but the dude is American-born, doesn't speak Japanese and looks 95% of African-American. I'm not really feeling the asian struggle here.