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So you think child porn should be allowed.... Same logic

Or graphic murder on all tv stations

Irs should disclose everyone's tax returns

All that stuff is censored and protected because as a society we determined it's not acceptable for all the public to have

Maybe you should consider censoring your mind and it's 5th grade level of knowledge about censorship


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It is. But censorship isn't always a bad thing.

Societies have to decide what should or shouldn't be censored.

I could easily argue why in today's post truth world where any idiot can find an audience maybe we need more censorship


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What... No...

Human tribes would kill each other long before the first city... Where are you getting your information???

And humans have been spreading diseases to each other since humans existed. The fucking common cold doesn't need a insect vector to spread... not to mention diseases spread genetically.

And an overwhelming number of spider bites need zero medical treatment. There are 45000 species of spiders and only about 30.or so are harmful to people...


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You act like spiders kill tons of humans.... They don't... And never have

There are more people on Earth now than ever... Yet still hardly anyone dies of spiders....

You for some reason associate them with snakes... No clue why..

And now added in involuntary responses....

And it makes TONS of evolution sense to fear other humans you don't know....

You are a MASSIVELY greater chance of getting killed by a stranger than spider.

It seems like you just have this irrational fear of them and you are doing your best to justify it..... Just education yourself about them.....


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Roaches aren't that big of spreaders of deadly diseases, humans spread diseases much more effectively... You ignored that part...

Additionally, evolution isn't why we kill spiders... Where you getting that from???

There are multiple cultures around the world that don't fear them and kill on sight.

It's cultural not evolutionary... Early humans most likely consumed them...


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Let's use that very flaw logic

Dogs kill more people than spiders... Do you kill them? How about cows, you kill them on sight? And the #1 killer animal by a gigantic mile are humans... You do that too?

See how flawed your logic is? We kill roaches and flies too, but they aren't deadly.. explain that?


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  1. Most people are in close quarters to a spider every day and don't even know it.

  2. Death by spider bite is EXTREMELY rare... It's like 1 in 50 million odds in the USA.

  3. Cows kill more people than spiders