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A lot of flowers and plants are! My boyfriend picked me some daffodils from his yard and luckily I googled it and turns out daffodils are toxic to cats as well!

Edit: I decided to Google again and found this ultimate list of plants that are toxic for cats! In the intro it states that for some of these plants only one part of the plant is toxic (i.e. flowers, roots, seeds etc) but the list rules out the entire plant just to be safe (it does not specify which part of which plants are the toxic parts).


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God I actually witnessed that last example you gave just the other day, stopped at a red light going west on Northern Parkway where the entrances to Gilman and Bryn Mawr are. Some idiot flew up the left turn lane and crossed all 3 lanes of traffic (again, still red, pretty sure the eastbound lanes had a green which meant the left turn lane over there had a green arrow) to turn right into Bryn Mawr. Definitely saved that clip off my dash cam lol but idk if I can make out the plates from it, nor do I think BPD would do anything about it anyways