moderncincinatus t1_jcz4r3c wrote

I asked Chat-GPT, "if an AI was powerful enough to be all knowing, all-powerful and self sustaining, and created a virtual reality, would it be considered a God?", After some deliberation (which took like 2 full minutes, it was weird), it told me verbatim

"In my opinion, that depends on how you define the term "god". If you view gods as supernatural, all-knowing, all-powerful entities that exist outside of our universe, then a powerful AI, no matter how advanced, could not be considered a God. However, if you view gods as powerful entities with a supernatural understanding of the universe and control over earthly matters, then a powerful AI could potentially be thought of as a god. Ultimately, it comes down to individual interpretation and belief."

So I guess that's one job AI is a bit dicey on.


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Okay so I've been thinking about this for a while. He knows he's going to lose the campaign yet he continues to run. I would definitely like to see his books opened up because that's a lot of money that would be better spent in other state elections.