moirende t1_iya09kc wrote

Canada, under the Liberal Party, is actively seeking to introduce a variety of internet censorship laws, a murky extra-legal tribunal system that can be easily abused to circumvent due process, rules that would force search engines and platforms like YouTube to change their algorithms to prioritize and de-prioritize content based on criteria selected by the government, and all manner of other not particularly “liberal” legislation.

All of this appears to stem from the belief that they know better how people should live their lives than the people they govern, and are therefore taking the opportunity to force their own ideals on everyone else.

This, by the way, from a Prime Minister who was caught having worn blackface as an adult so many times he can’t even remember them all and then “apologized” by saying this was a learning moment for everyone, and also who loudly expresses his support for feminism but later blamed his victim for experiencing their encounter differently after it came to light he had groped a young reporter. So maybe not the kind of person we might want dictating morals to everyone else.

In other words this isn’t a left-right problem, it’s the slow encroachment of authoritarianism into everyone’s day to day lives by the entrenched elite.