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They don't need to be wire! I just thought that would probably be the easiest solution. It's easier to trim a small wire shelf to size with bolt cutters or wire cutters than it is for me to cut metal, unless I got some new tools. I'm also just generally worried about rough edges damaging the fridge, but that's an issue regardless of material.


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A lot of places do have a listing for this specific part, but when you actually go to the listing page it says it is no longer available from the manufacturer. It's essentially a placeholder for people who look up their fridge and want to see what the parts are. The few places I've found that actually DO have it available for purchase do not ship to Canada, I've even called them to confirm.

I've been keeping an eye out already, I just wasn't sure what the "best" way to DIY it would be. I want to be sure whatever I use is decently sturdy and won't damage the fridge, but who knows what I'll end up doing lol. In the end it's a free fridge so I can't complain.