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The boygenius record and film dropped at midnight. I told myself I'd wait until this morning to listen and watch, but I was awake at 11pm and decided to stay up for the release. I'm tired. I loved the film, I think I'm gonna need a few more listens of the album though. The singles are great but I'm not in love with the rest of it yet.


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Boaty still has a low fever and she can't go to preschool until she's been fever-free for 24 hours. I have my first therapy appointment in five weeks today, when she's supposed to be at preschool. I guess she's getting some rare tablet time today. I don't know what else to do, I keep having to reschedule therapy for logistical reasons and I need my time to vent!


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I'm thoroughly enjoying Abbot Elementary. I also watched one of my guilty pleasure movies last night, Sleeping With Other People.


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I went to the OB Motivate clinic when I was pregnant and on suboxone. Dr. Tyson and Dr. Martin are the most empathetic and knowledgeable medical professionals I've come across in addiction medicine. I'm really sorry to hear about what you've gone through. I'm three years off heroin myself - if you ever want to chat, please reach out!


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I slept in the recliner last night, and not well. Something kept me up most of the night but I don't know what. I'm getting back to my normal weekly schedule: get kiddo up, drive him to school, take Boaty to preschool.


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I'm going to get some reading done for my virtual college classes. Then I'll be headed out of town to hang out with my bestie and eat some mushrooms. Let's get weird, y'all.


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I didn't know either of my grandmothers. One died when I was ten, the other when I was twelve. I mean I knew them but I didn't really know them if you know what I mean. Same with my grandfathers, only they both died before I was born.

I do have a set of grandparents who were my mom's foster parents when she was a teenager in the foster care system. That grandfather, before he passed away, gave me a love of foreign languages, playing instruments, and being a life long learner in general.


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We're binge watching drag race Canada vs the world with a bottle of prosecco. The presents are wrapped for tomorrow, in the morning we'll haul Boaty over to my mom's for Christmas day. Staying warm!


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I feel grateful to be relatively warm and with power this morning. I already left to run a last minute errand and hit up the grocery store. The Kroger by me was a mess this morning with frantic vibes. The entire meat wall (idk what you call it) had lost power overnight and all the product had been removed, so no steak for dinner tonight like we hoped. Thank you to everyone working today to keep the world turning. I'm sorry you had to but I definitely appreciate you.


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I'm supposed to go to Mexico in late January but I can't find my passport 🙃 so I hope I find that soon.


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Thank you! Yes I recently learned about this. You'd think early intervention would have told us a year ago when we got set up with them but no. I applied for Medicaid for her about three weeks ago. Do you happen to know how long it might take to get the application processed? Or a phone number I could call to actually speak to a person about the status?


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Health insurance is a scam. I've been fighting with ours all year. Our plan, which we get through my husband's work and we don't get to choose, explicitly does not cover childhood developmental delays. Which is exactly what we're dealing with for baby Boaty. It's been a nightmare with all of these claims for doctors appointments and tests being denied and us owing thousands of dollars.


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I was finally diagnosed with a double ear infection and potentially pneumonia today. I got some antibiotics. So I got that going for me.