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That office is terrible. My realtor warned me when I bought in the city to put the due dates on my calendar because the city likely wouldn’t send a bill. Then they WOULD send a late notice with penalties. I’ve been here two years and have still not received real estate or personal property bills. I occasionally get utility bills. I have given up on any communication other than going in person. It sucks, it’s inconvenient, but it’s the only way I know to stay on top of it.


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I went last weekend, not really for the cherry blossoms but for the orchid show and to visit my son. It was a gorgeous day, also kite day on the mall, and there were thousands of people out enjoying a beautiful spring day. My only pinch point on the trip up was right before memorial bridge. The trip back, and I waited until 8:30 to head home, was pretty brutal. Traffic, construction, several accidents. But I had a fabulous day.


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I got in late last night after a long stop and go drive down 95 after a day in DC. I wish I had another hour or two of sleep before I head off to work. On another note, I think I have bursitis in my hip so I need to find an urgent care clinic today to get a cortisone shot. Good times.


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I wasn’t ready as a mom, either. I was the youngest in my family and never had younger ones around to babysit. I read a lot and was happy about the pregnancy, but I do remember thinking on my discharge day “are they really just going to let me walk out of here with a baby?” And yes, of course they did because he was mine. And though I was often unsure and nervous for the first few months, we got along just beautifully and he is a happy, healthy, fine young man who is one of my two greatest accomplishments in this life. You’ll figure it out together, day by day. Enjoy the ride together- it’s going to go faster than you can imagine. Oh- and start an education fund right now. Congratulations- you’ve got this.❤️