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If it's like OnStar they do locate the vehicle if it's reported stolen to police. They just harass you in hopes you sign up for their crappy service first. All it takes is a quick phone call to confirm the VIN, but I'm sure there's a mountain of unnecessary paperwork to cover their ass. At least a car you expect to get insurance if it's not recovered. A kid is irreplaceable... These companies care more about ripping you off then saving a life.


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TP was well explained by the fact that commerical TP found in workplaces is different from that sold to consumers for their home. Commerical products are recycled and bigger rolls. As people stayed home more, they used more of the latter than the former, hence the shortage. Men don't make decisions about where resources are allocated, the market demand shifted, and covid reduced supply by interfering with production and distribution.


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So Chick-fil-A doesn't build in poor neighborhoods? I wonder why!?? The funny part is "black and brown people" don't wanna live in these places either, as soon as they get a little money they move. Is it really on fast food restaurants to fix poverty? They put restaurants where they expect to make the most money, with minimal risk. Somehow I doubt you'd hold an Amazon warehouse or Google data center to the same absurd standard as a company you disagree with religiously or politically.


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Trouble is that these territories were annexed by Russia, and it is defending them. The fact that Ukraine has called for retaking Crimea and the calls for removing Putin do not help. From the Russian pov this is a defensive war to stop the advance of NATO to it's border, where it could place nuclear missiles within 5 min of Moscow. That's the end of Russian sovereignty. It's just another continuation of the Cold War, where the US fought at or near the borders of the Soviets or China and pretended it was defending against the spread of communism, which was not spread by force but by popular revolt. This is obvious to any who have studied modern history, but inconceivable to those who only know the current thing.


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You're badly misinformed. It was the US that armed the Mujahideen to fight the Soviets, and this became the Taliban. Guess who also helped fight the Soviets? Osama bin Laden. This is how they came into being, American training and military aid. We did the same thing in Syria, and we have done the same in Ukraine. It's the American MO, arm the enemies of our enemies, even if they're Hitler or Stalin or Sadam or bin Laden.