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Lol reminds me of that time i stabbed myself through the hand and drove the two miles to the hospital but had to pull over to throw up and faint on the way.. it was such a minor injury and it didn’t occur to me to even get an uber.. id pretty much need someone hovering over me with the clear paddles to consent to an ambulance lol


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Stoned sleep is not proper sleep. You lay down and are nearly asleep but your mind is running and doesn’t go properly under. You get rested but don’t really feel mentally like you have slept. Itll stop you from moving but sleep is more than that. There’s something not right about stoned sleep.


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A girl i know worked briefly at one of these schools.. she rocked the boat and got fired.. it went from ‘join the team you are gonna make a lot of money’, to ‘mind your business’ real quick. She would say things like ‘but shouldn’t we upkeep the building at least.. like the kids need supplies right??’ .. And man she really needed that job. I thought she was just being bossy and dramatic lol