monkeyinheaven OP t1_jdemwfh wrote

Oops, just checked the neighborhood message board. Someone must have called the cops because they came by and spoke with them. They showed the police some paperwork and they left them alone.

Still leaning towards light scam, but it would be interesting if someone says they were actually doing work at their house.


monkeyinheaven OP t1_jdem3y9 wrote

Just took the dog for a walk and ran into them again, so they went all the way to the end of the street and back (at least a couple dozen houses).

I mentioned that they are doing lot of walking and asked where the heck their truck was and they waived and said "a long way, somewhere over there".

For what it's worth, they were good looking, well kept and friendly. One white, one black.

I voted light scam, that's what it feels like to me. I'm guessing they'd do a crappy job of hanging shitty gutters and gouge us.