monkeyjay t1_j1f98yw wrote

Awful take. Wolverine being short and hairy was a deliberate part of his physical character design for the entire history of the X-Men comic. It's a character design trait that really didn't need to be changed for the film at all. Jackman does a great job as the character so it's mostly irrelevant now but the annoyance was just because if you're going to make a comic book movie at least try to represent the characters that everyone already knows (unless it's a problematic representation).

In summary it made a lot of comic fans unhappy because it was ignoring a major element of the characters visual design. Remember this was an era where comic book movies were absolute trash because the writers/directors/producers didn't seem to give a shit about the source material, so casting a tall lean wolverine was not a great confidence booster.

It's not because short men don't feel represented.

And again, it didn't really matter in the end cos we got a great Logan out of Jackman, but it was a legit gripe.