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> state the struggles directly caused by his parents actions

lol bro you have a weird sense of struggle. parents telling their kids to get a haircut and dress better is a just parent thing. Kap didn't grow up poor, unloved or uneducated. If i tried to rock a Mohawk, my mom and dad would also give me shit and tell me to get a haircut. that's not struggle or oppression that's parenting.

He wants to advocate for better pay, better education and reductions in police violence for struggling black people or other minorities? cool im all for it. but calling his parents racist because they told him to get a haircut is just ungrateful nonsense and detracts from actual important messages he could be working on


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Man. Unsatisfied. like it's a living and there's a lot of people in worse positions than me but I wouldn't say my job is satisfying. there's far too much of my job that's dependent on someone else doing a menial task and them sitting on that task till it adversely affects myself or my employees.


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well that works for one side. no guarantee that the other side will choose education and healthcare and become less prone to violence.

that said i do think as a species if we looked out for each more (education, healthcare, and a host of other things) we'd definitely have less senseless violence.


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context and intent is key when it comes to documents like that. been military for almost 20 years. seen several classified info fuck ups over the years. depending on the doc and the context, it can go from slap on wrist to jail. depends on the docs, how they were secured, etc etc....

immediately returning docs upon discovery demonstrates no ill intent. trump went out of his way to hide and obstruct suggesting ill intent. honestly if trump had returned the docs he probably would have had zero happen to him.

it should be investigated without doubt but it would hardly be special treatment for Biden, or any other politician or citizen, to be let go with minimal consequences if the breaches are minimal and it was reported to proper authorities of their own volition.


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well that's not true, actual food sensitivity/allergy (not the "beans make me farty so i must have a sensitivity" crowd) is definitely biological. lol but where the sensitivity develops from into our biology is the question. is it chemicals were exposed to? is it parasites/bacteria/viruses that we no longer interact with that causes them to react poorly to certain things?

i remember reading an article several years ago that they were researching implanting/ingesting some kind of hook worm into people with peanut allergies because the chemical the parasite secretes actually alleviates the peanut allergy.


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it needs to be investigated but it's only really a bad look if he tells the archives and law enforcement for months that he has nothing then gets raided and they find stuff. then lies about it some more, gets searched again then they find yet more stuff.

carelessness isn't good but fixing the mistake is much better than doubling and tripling down on it.


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so the guy had an order to not speak to anyone w/o lawyers present but decided to do so when comedy central came by? then he blames comedy central for him saying/doing something incriminating when he should have just clammed up til his lawyer arrived?

i couldn't open article link so i'm curious what he said/said in comedy central footage, out of context or not, that lands him death penalty