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Is that why they're always throwing in free prerolls on my order? I'm old man, I can't take a whole joint of this modern weed. Anything more than my old sneakatoke and my ass is macrame-d into the sofa for the rest of the day, and I have shit to do! (see: old.)


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Farm House Coffee Roaster in Winterport does a Dark Decaf that goes back & forth between Honduran and Guatemalan beans. Both are spectacular. My husband is a 20+ cup a day coffee guy, but Long Covid fucked his ability to process caffeine. FHCR's Dark Decaf scratches the coffee itch for him without sending his heart racing 'round the moon.


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Time to remind everyone that Ruby Bridges is still alive and only in her mid-60's, and therefore the teens throwing rocks at her are in their mid-70's; that MLK, Anne Frank, Ursula K LeGuin and Barbara Walters were all born in the same year, and King was assassinated mere months after he shifted his organizing focus from race to economic inequality and began working across racial lines to demand things like public housing, universal health care, and universal basic income.


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This strain of ugly nativism goes back to the arrival of the Famine Irish and French Canadians in the 18th & 19th centuries. The Know-Nothing Party used the Catholicism of the refugees to stoke hatred and gain political power. It's disgusting to hear from the mouths of otherwise sensible people.

The excellent book Hard Times, Hard Men: Maine and the Irish 1830-1860 by James H Mundy is an excellent resource on both the history of the Irish in Maine and the history of how cynically the wealthy (often themselves transplants from Mass & points south) have instigated, fed, and used this nativism to divide the working class of Maine against itself, lowering wages and increasing repression to the detriment of everyone but the rich.


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We're actually #4, I think. Their list goes 1) trans folks, 2) tEh GaYz, 3) black folks, 4) women who aren't also covered by points 1-3. Notice how they absolutely did not stop with bathroom bills or sports bans, and are now coming after adults' private medical decisions. The same logic will be applied to everyone else in time.


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As a restaurant owner-operator, that drove me nuts. My staff are in the top 10% of nationwide earners as servers according to the NLRB, and they deserve more - but I already pay as much above the minimum as i can and stay open. These kinds of industry-wide changes have to be mandated, at least at first, or the people who want to do it right will be driven out of business by those willing to exploit their staffs before the culture can change enough. I grew up on WA, where there hasn't been a subminimum wage for tipped employees since the 70's, and people still tip. And tip well. Front-of-house labor is such a small percentage of overall costs on this fucking place, anyone saying it's going to break them is either lying to you or riding the edge of bankruptcy as it is, and if it's not labor it'll be the cost of chicken that drives them under. Food costs have risen during the pandemic by nearly twice what I'd be paying without the subminum wage, if I can take the one I can take the other - and I'd rather see the increases in my prices go to my staff instead of Sysco, cause they're sure AF not passing it along to the drivers, pickers, or farmers.


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I'm not sure I understand your question.

KLP is a consumer-owned utility, so they have no profit motive and the consumers can vote out the board of directors if they do a shite job. And the BoD are mostly local residents, who don't want their power to be unreliable and expensive, so they have a whole lot more incentive to not suck at their jobs than a bunch of Spanish millionaires basking in the Azores (on the yachts we bought them with our absurdly high bills) while we all shiver in the dark.