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You are correct. The corporation opposed it until they got the project. The main question is this: who is remediation the land? It contains chromium 6, just about the worst chemical you could have in your neighborhood. To remediate it for residential use is the most thorough and expensive type of cleaning. As far as I know, no one is required to do it. If it isn't completed, they can not build.


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Those boxes are sent to Africa after being sorted where Africans buy those clothes. It's a big business. I have not found anywhere but the Salvation Army and they burned down. There are some prom dress projects, a place downtown for women run by the Catholics to help them get on their feet. There is a Dress for Work program.. I think your councilman would know. Call Solomons office.


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I have had one friend mowed down dead on Kennedy Blvd, a county road. A friend's sister was killed on Kennedy by a speeder. Another 3 friends were hit while biking, and lived. Another friend was hit on her bike, which put her on a walker and then hit again (both on Summit Ave a city street), by a hit and run. This is not every one I know about. The County has NOT done a good job of engineering for safety. This does not cover people I did not know when I saw them hit by cars. It's traumatic to see this kind of thing. You cannot get it out of your mind.