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I wish we had more multi level stations like this. I love the energy of so many trains coming and going all around. Despite living in the area my whole life I sometimes just stand and watch them from above.


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Always look like you know where you're going, even if you don't. Look like wherever you are, you have every right to be there. I can always spot people from more rural areas by the look in their eyes, they always look lost and a little overwhelmed. I'm not someone up to no good, but if I was I know who would make an easy target by that look. I see those sorts of people approached a lot. Looking confident is key. It's ok to be "rude" and not talk to people that approach you, 90% of the time they want money. You're likely going to see homeless encampments. While I advise not getting too close if you can, MOST of the time if you don't bother them they won't bother you.


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Also since all bars have to also technically be a restaurant, you get WAY more people bringing their kids to what is very clearly an adult environment and that gets annoying fast. Some places have a no kids after a certain time policy, but not many, and even the ones that do often don't enforce it.


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After living though the AIDS crisis in the 90s and how BIG of a deal it was, it's so weird to me how generally ignored it's been that it's not only no longer a death sentence but also now potentially curable. Probably because it's been a long slow road rather than one miracle cure, but still something I would have never imagined back then. Like, ya it's reported but it's not a huge world shaking headline.


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I remember like 10 years ago I kept seeing all these stories about how the PC and laptops in particular were dead and tablets were the future since they were outselling them. Not that, like, tablets were new and people were buying one for the first time.
I love my tablet, but for me it's really more of a toy. Scrolling through something sitting on the sofa or watching a movie on a plane. It's not something I replace until my old one won't function anymore and even then if I found myself in a tough financial situation, like, say the current state of inflation, it's not something I NEED.


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Interesting. I wonder if the staff just stopped caring, I'm sure it's more trouble then it's worth. Every time I've gone since 2020 there were a bunch of pissed off people and exasperated staff arguing about passes and people trying to make one then and there on their phone. I'm assuming you went in through the main entrance on Connecticut Ave?


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No actually. It's more about how quickly an AI could surpass what a human is capable of because they are just so fundamentally different. Like the fact that he thinks he's having these meaningful one on one conversations only to find out that she's having thousands of conversations at once because she is perfectly capable of doing that.