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I prefer to not censor my self to comfort their mass delusion that their industrial snack cuisine that looks like meat is the peak of veggie experiences. I think that it’s a public good if everyone wants quality fresh veggies then resteraunts have lots of great options instead of stinkin meat like veggie Pattie’s that are junk food.


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I don’t have to grow it. It’s everywhere and I can get a lot of it. It’s a win win. Removing an invasive and gaining a medicinal herb to consume. Many plants are the sources of modern medicines and there are studies that show knot weed helps lymes disease. It’s not harming me to take it I am not harming anyone else if I grow it in a container, which I probably won’t do unless I feel better taking it. It’s never going to be eradicated in America. Invasive species are here to stay. Chronic lymes disease is controversial and it is not settled science. The new Yorker has a lot of coverage on it and there are studies.