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It’s every month, first full weekend of the month. Many museums are included, free admission for the card holder. All over the country. So many in nyc and jersey

Your kids don’t get in free if they don’t have a bank card. But still two adults free is great, and like I said I got my kids bank cards by adding them on an account and they get in free now.

Potential savings of hundreds of dollars if you utilize it monthly.

Free LSC is great


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Reminds me of the family I met where kids had a near drowning at the community pool. Toddler who walked there . Well, it happened a second time and second time wasn’t a near drowning. Failure to watch your kid around potentially dangerous objects/locations is a failure of parenting.

Now flo rida just won 80 million dollars in an unrelated lawsuit, some sports drink or company he promoted that blew up and tried to not pay him. The guy is rich as hell. Why the hell is his kid In this situation. Shitty situation all around. All the money in the world can’t help them if he landed on his head.