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Someone needs to call this out. What are you talking about? What sources do you have?

You aren't wrong that humanity could collectively act to better our situation, but you're trivialziing what would be a monumental task and...mud in oceans to create water forests...? Did you just pick random words and throw them together?


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You've broached a philosophical subject at this point. It can be framed in many ways, but the underlying thread remains, "Is this real?".

Are we in but one of infinite simulations? Are you the only "real" person in this current simulation? Are there infinite other universes and realities for every permutation of existence? Are we all just God playing that they're not? Does dying simply awaken us from this reality as it does from a dream?

We're fast approaching a point at which we might be able to personally explore these questions. Where philosophy becomes reality.

Ultimately it doesn't change much for me. I certainly don't think we are in the first simulation or base/original world, if such a thing could even be said to exist, but there are few benefits that I've been able to surmise, from operating under the assumption that our existence is less real or simply one of many.

Fun to think about though, and it can help to take the edge off if this current reality becomes unbearable.


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I don't think the system currently exists. I would like to apply AI to helping address that issue with the objectives of equality, sustainability and global cooperation as prime factors for consideration.

I also think it's silly to think a singular system of governance will be ideal for all purposes at all points in time. We've seen how badly the founding principals of the US have adapted to modern technology and corruption.


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They aren't at all wrong to do so. It should be very clear to anyone paying attention that the subscription service to everything in life has been pushed harder and harder. Per Klaus Schwab's "You will own nothing and be happy" it is a coordinated world wide effort.

We can build AI and tech without corporations. Many incredible breakthroughs have come from governemnt research.


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Testing for empathy and selflessness would be interesting. In general we could have much higher standards for out representatives.

The issue now is that nothing will be implimented to change the status quo without mass upheaval and revolution.

I think it's more about trying to ensure the right kind of system is implimented after the inevitable collapse of our current one.


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Abolishing capitalism and instituting a true representative democracy would be a great start. Shift control of the means of production to the working class.

The biggest issue is with the inevitable human corruption that will inherently grow over time. Every system, no matter how many check and balances, if reliant on humans in pivotal roles, will be subject to coercion and corruption.

Eliminating the human element is something this subreddit has unique insight into and that I believe is necessary for a true egalitarian (and livable) future.


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Hmm, that's an interesting framing. I'm already of the opinion that free will is an illusion and our decisions are simply a chain of reactions to the stimulus presented to us run through a biological algorithm.

Looked at in another way, provided every law of nature and knowledge of the positions of all aspects of existence, it would be possible to project with certainty certain all outcomes since the beginning of time.


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I get really tired from these arbitrary discussions of consciousness. You're basically arguing about whether or not we have souls. Consciousness cannot be measured or clearly defined. Where is the exact line when a person starts then stops being conscious? You can't even prove that anyone is conscious, you just take their word for it. It's existence is debatable, intrinsically tied with free will.

I think it's absolutely wild to see the progress of AI and language models like LaMDA or GPT-3 and not see how close they are to at least mimicking consciousness to the degree that it's impossible to tell whether or not they "truly" are.


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They actually literally do.

Of existent money 95%+ is debt that has been leveraged to create more money. When you go to the bank to take out a loan the bank magics into existence the 100 thousand you need. They then use your contact as an asset and borrow against it, usually at a 10 times its value.

When the Federal Reserve printed 80% of currency in circulation in two years since 2019 that wasn't tied to anything real or tangible, hence the massive inflation we are dealing with now.


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It's genuinely paralyzed me. Any digital task will rapidly be taken over by AI and most things that can be automated with robots affordably will be. Interpersonal skills seem like a decent bet for now. Maybe engineering or electronic repair? Honestly I don't think it will matter that much in the long term.