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While you may "absolutely love" thrifting, keep in mind that some absolutely need it. If you buy stuff on the cheap from an organization serving the underprivileged, consider donating reasonable value to that organization if it is within your means. For some, thrifting is the difference between having and not.


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I don't know the reasoning of DMV. But I think that the ability to effectively parallel park is a clear demonstration that the driver knows where the wheels and the four corners of the car are located, and how the vehicle actually turns. If you can parallel park, you should certainly be able to park any other way. And if a car parks very close to you in a parking lot, you have the skills to be able to get out of your spot without hitting the adjacent car. An understanding of how the wheels work in parallel parking can be applied to other close maneuvering: one should be less likely to cut a corner too close and hit the curb, for example. Parallel parking requires a good understanding of close maneuvering which can readily be ported to many day-to-day situations.


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While I live in Westerly, I do spend far more time in Pawcatuck, Stonington and Mystic than I do in RI outside of Westerly. So I agree with your observation that Westerly is more connected to CT than to RI. CT operates a bus under SEAT that serves the area up to Pawcatuck, but I know nothing more about it.


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If you can find housing and employment in the core area, you could mostly get by without a car. A bicycle or scooter would help a lot, I think. It's unfortunate that we don't have at least a local loop to serve the main commercial areas.


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Outbound to ORD okay, return delayed maybe two hours. Had to swap planes. Very poor communication. Will fly again, but expecting better. I'm lucky to have choices: either a guaranteed 12 hour trip to Norfolk via Amtrak, versus a 90 minute, possibly 12 hour ordeal via Breeze. It shouldn't be a toss-up.


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That you were tired and wanted to get home is not information which will help you. You were driving, so I am sure you were fully focused on driving safely. You were driving late at night, when traffic was light. There was very good visibility in the approach to the intersection, so you could easily see that the intersection was clear even before your vehicle came to a complete stop. Nevertheless, you did come to a full and complete stop before proceeding to your destination. Perhaps you waited at the intersection for a shorter period than you usually do, but it was getting late and again, traffic was light, visibility was very good, and the intersection was clear. You are a 20 year old student with good grades, and you are an RA at your university.


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The "owner" of the school almost certainly has a relationship with an architect and/or engineer who handles technical matters like this. They may have the reports or other documents. It might be difficult getting access since your inquiry might be perceived as a possible legal quagmire. If approached professionally, you might be successful. In my experience in other jurisdictions, before many architectural or engineering projects can be started, an asbestos survey is required. That survey would entail collecting and testing samples of all suspected asbestos containing materials (ACM) which would be disturbed in the course of the work. If ACM are identified, an abatement plan must be developed and completed before the main work can get underway. One important point is this: the mere existence of ACM is not a real problem. ACM becomes a problem only when it is disturbed. If you had a pinch of any given material, you could find a laboratory which could examine your sample and determine if it contains asbestos, etc. Given the technical nature of your concern, coupled with the legal implications of real or imagined issues, you may want to step carefully going forward. Good luck.