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The home secretary suella braverman couldn't explain a legal route for a hypothetical asylum seeker to enter the country when being questioned about a year ago, there's a good clip you should watch. The tories have made it much more difficult to enter the country to claim asylum and all that happened was an increase in small boats and a bigger smuggling black market. We should be checking people as they come in not making conditions where more people illegally entry to the country.

Visiting family is easier than seeking permanent residence.


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Yeah that's a good answer, its nice to look on the brighter side. I'm still worried about "desperation plays" with the system the way that it is now. A handful of people with enough power have the ability to change law against the popular opinion, changes that may take years to repeal.

I'm also not sure you can say there won't be a new Christian right forming and taking over from the old, there are many reasons why people turn to more extreme politics and those reasons are increasing throughout the west. If certain laws are put in place now which change the world and perceptions of the next generation its not too hard to see a more difficult few decades coming.


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Incoming global recession and the zombie economy finally collapsing after the 2008 crisis means lower living standards which leads to more support of right wing authoritarian groups like the american christian right.

America already lost abortion rights, the Christian right already have some power and it may continue to grow.


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There's constant press about this because it makes political sense, we're still decades away from this being a reality, the scientists themselves are incentivised to make it sound closer than it is so that they can continue to secure funding.

The truth is that no experimnent has ever got near to outputting the same levels of energy that was put in.