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I'm at the Nashua-Merrimack YMCA. They have weights, cardio, spinning, classes, TRX, tennis, racquetball, indoor tracks, basketball, swimming, hockey, pickelball. An adult membership is $50/month. It's definitely not a hardcore gym - lots of people at a very wide variety of levels.

There is a Planet Fitness on 101A and one around exit 6 and one in Merrimack. Bare bones stuff and don't grunt or lift too heavy.

I have a barbell, and a couple of adjustable dumbbells, several fixed dumbbells and a bench at home so I can train at home as well - the weights are all just a lot lower than at the gym.


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I saw a video on WMUR yesterday about a landlord explaining why rents were going up so fast in Manchester and he said that it's property tax increase and energy costs this past winter. Along with inflation in costs to maintain a property, both labor and materials. He said that a tenant left recently and he's refurbishing the apartment and will put it out for rent and he said that he expects thousands of applications for the apartment. Unless you have a hook for finding a place, it's tough out there.


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I did see that little stand. I thought that they were selling hot dogs. I don't recall that anyone was there serving food. The jewelry stand was on the opposite side (to the right after turning left to walk towards the registers).

BTW, we'd really like an HMart in New Hampshire (Nashua would be great) but I don't think that there are enough Asians in NH for them to consider opening a store here. The nice thing about HMart is that we don't have to drive to Boston for Asian groceries.


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We were there a few weeks ago and didn't see anything new. We just got the chicken fried rice + egg + chili cabbage. My daughter ordered for us while my job was to find a table as it was lunchtime. I would certainly have noticed cheese toast on a table.


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We've rented in Boston, Somerville, Newton, Westboro, Lowell and Arlington and have never had mice or rats in any of these apartments. We have had three mice in our owned home. Two times because we left the basement door open. I do not know how the third got in but it might have been the same thing. We've lived here since the 1980s and we're near a wooded area so I guess that's reasonable.


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Our place has buried utilities and it's been great for grid reliability. These places were fairly cheap when built too. I guess it's easy if you're building a development from scratch but retrofitting neighborhoods is a real pain. Although I imagine that it cost Comcast a lot of money when they went to fiber. They had to dig up the roads here to install fiber to the boxes which were then coax to the homes.


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Reply to Moving to NH by wowmeister

If you're in the Nashua-Merrimack-Bedford-Amherst area, then rent is pretty expensive for starting salaries. One example would be Slate apartments off Exit 10 on the turnpike in Merrimack at about $2,300 - $2,400 for a one-bedroom. The places are brand new.

If you could narrow down your area, then we could make more targeted recommendations.


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I've been thinking of getting DSL as a backup. We have had no problems with Comcast and power in Merrimack. We have another house in Boston if it were a problem and I think that they're getting much less snow.

I can always go to the Nashua or Merrimack YMCA for internet access - I do see people working there for a couple of hours from time to time. The Nashua YMCA has a nice room with desks and chairs outside the swimming pool which makes for a nice place to work. There's no privacy of course.


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There are a lot of pieces to the grid and weakness in any of them can cause a power outage to your house. We have not had an outage of over two seconds since 2011 at our place. You can tell that there's a short outage when some appliances stay on and some don't. We have undeground wiring and the line in is on a main street. The power company does a great job keeping branches trimmed and adding support poles when needed.

So it could be a local issue or even an issue on your property. Or it could be an issue on your street or elsewhere.


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My wife makes them a couple of times a year. She's in Singapore right now taking cooking lessons. We haven't had these at a restaurant in a long time, probably in Boston.


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5 inches of heavy wet snow in Merrimack. I cleared the driveway and one car about 30 minutes ago and am back in for a cup of coffee. I will go out and do the roof and the driveway again when I finish my coffee. I like to do a little at a time multiple times. No wind which is a surprise as I heard that we were expecting a lot of it. Heading for the gym after shoveling.


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Looks like another storm, a bit bigger than previous storms but temperatures are going to be warm enough, at least in my area, so that it should be easier to clear. It's enough snow to clear off my roof though. Plan tomorrow is to go to the gym early morning, come home, do errands and then shovel tomorrow afternoon on and off. Looks like the most intense part will be around noon - 5 PM. This looks messy for the afternoon commute.


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I have a smartwatch and use it mostly for fitness tracking. I have clocks in most rooms so I don't need to look at it to tell the time. I imagine a lot of people operate that way. I can't read my watch without my glasses so it's easier to look at a clock when I don't have my glasses on.


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The ones that I have are generally good for ten years. When the batteries start to go, they emit an extremely annoying piercing alarm. The fire department has had to break into several homes in our neighborhood for this problem which just turns out to be that the smoke/CO detector needs to be replaced.


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Their promotion could have moved them from hourly to salaried status. The work day in my last job was 6 AM to 1 AM but I took naps and ran errands during the day. The reason for the long workday was that my team was scattered around the world and we had to have meetings between people on the teams. The work was 24 hours too.


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Go to the Indeed site and subscribe to your area of interest for job postings. I do this and I get a long list of postings every day.