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I have Geico for the cars and NJM for homeowners. Never had any issues with either. Although NJM raised our rates after I put in a claim for some water damage. Might look to someone else for the house. Only claim with Geico was fast, deer hit my car, Geico paid right away, didn't even look at the car, just accepted the repair estimate.


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Today's media is based on instilling fear. They make more money that way. It's a problem. I've been going to Atlantic City since 1981 as teenager. Never had problems. And today is safer than ever.


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The city goes to great lengths to make the boardwalk area safe. Sure you might see some homeless people or drunks, but that happens everywhere. Atlantic City would be fun for a field trip, there is plenty to do. You could even get the kids to clean the beach. I did a field trip with my high school students to Sandy Hook a few years back, we cleaned the beach and had a great time. The park rangers helped us with garbage bags etc and had a short program for the kids. Maybe Atlantic City has something like that too.

The Steel Pier rides open April 8. Many of the boardwalk shops are already open now, especially on the weekends. The Showboat is now an arcade.


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Maybe in the more rural towns, look at Sussex and Warren counties. Also areas of south jersey. And not having any other debt like car, credit cards, or school loans.

My wife and I are retired and live off our savings which is less than $65,000 a year. But we have no debt and our home mortgage is down to only $1000/month. As dad used to say, it's not what you make but what you spend.


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No need to clean it until you're ready to use it. During the winter chimney sweeps are usually more busy anyway. A good time to call them is in the summer. I pay about $150-$200 for the guy that does mine. Takes him about an hour and a half.


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Friends installed a pellet insert into their fireplace. Pellets are very clean, efficient, and cheaper than gas. And I believe there is a blower that pushes heat into the home. This is a big advantage over a regular fireplace which loss a lot of heat up the chimney.

Growing up we had a wood burning fireplace, it did not do a good job of heating the house, often made it worst, unless you sat directly in front of it. I currently have a wood burning stove in my house and it is the best, it keeps the entire first floor hot if I have it cranking.

Definitely get a chimney sweep in there to clean it out before you do anything. Houses burn down because of poorly maintained chimneys. We have ours cleaned every two cords of wood we burn, which is usually every one or two years.


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There are so many, I don't have all day. But lets start with the Big Lie. The only people committing voter fraud were the republicans. Over 60 courts around the country threw out cases brought by the GOP because there was no evidence of fraud. None. Zero. Their only argument was, "we think there was fraud." Nothing but a con job started by the king of con trump. That little fucking pussy trump would rather destroy this country then admit he is a loser.

Or how about the lies that immigrants are responsible for crime. Nothing but pure bullshit. The truth is the GOP is responsible for crime because they refuse to do anything about gun laws. GOP politicians are bribed by the NRA. America has more firearms death than any country in the world, no other country is even close. We are a disgrace and it's because of the GOP. Also, immigrants did not storm the capital trying to overthrow the government. The biggest threat to this country is not immigrants, it is the GOP.

Finally, blaming the economy on Biden? Please. This is a global problem mostly caused by the pandemic and supply issues, and further exacerbated by Russians war on Ukraine. Biden is not the president of the world. And what do you think the GOP would do to fight inflation? Tax cuts for the rich? Ha. They have no fucking plan to help this country. Trump did nothing in four years other than make this country worst. They have no platform other to to enrich the rich, take away social security, medicare, and human rights, and make sure our votes no longer matter.

A vote for republicans is a vote to destroy America.