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Metastasis is, theoretically, when circulating cells embed in new areas. If you already have a secondary metastasis, it’s too late. This could potentially be a way to better determine if a cancerous tumor is still isolated to one location, or if it’s starting to shed cells that will eventually become detectably large and embedded metastatic secondary tumors.


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How do the metastatic cells travel to other sites in the body to metastasize? Blood or lymph systems. Sentinel lymph nodes and blood are ways to possibly monitor the shedding of metastatic cells, but won’t tell you where the end up. A cancer that isn’t shedding metastatic cells is much more treatable than one that is pumping cells into the circulatory system.


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Eh, it would if the oil constantly bathed every piece of the mechanics like blood does. Blood is the delivery system for payloads around the body. Cancer is going to metastasize either through the blood system or the lymph system (which dumps into the blood system).

Basically it’s more like setting up a DUI checkpoint to capture drunk drivers. Not going to catch them all, but if you set them up in the right places at the right time you’ll find some and learn you have a problem.


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Media has an obsession with taboo and outrage. To your point, incest could be rationalized if you break it down into atomic parts, or add obfuscation (“they didn’t know they were related!”Or “they are biologically unrelated”). That means it’s a particularly safe and easy to generate moral outrage and conversation about technicality. No one is out here making blockbuster limited series about eating babies or whatever is completely morally debased material yet.

But idk if you can say this is a uniquely American moral stance. For that you take the classic Hannibal example of “you can’t show a naked dead titty unless it is absolutely covered - I mean drenched - in gore and blood.”