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Automatic and seamless switching between Apple devices probably. If you’re on your iPhone and start playing a video on your MacBook or iPad while the AirPods are in your ears, it will detect the AirPods see in and ask you if you want to switch the AirPods over the MacBook or you can set it to automatically do so.


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They’re definitely not the best in terms of audio quality, but they work very well in the Apple ecosystem and the Pros are pretty dang decent for an audio ear bud aimed at the mass market. Plus noise canceling is very convenient. If you’re looking for something more hi-if, I’d go on YouTube and research the best bud options from companies like klipsch, sennheiser, beyerdynamic, etc.

The ease of us with iPhone is really nice with phone calls. However, sometimes they disappoint me when it comes to calls. I feel like the microphone doesn’t pick up my voice as well as my iPhone does if I’m in a noisy environment. Mostly if I’m out in the city and it’s loud. Shouldn’t be an issue if you’re at home or in a reasonably normal environment.

I believe this is more-so an issue with how Bluetooth technology handles sending and receiving audio signals simultaneously (sending your voice audio and receiving the voice audio of whoever you’re speaking to) then it being an issue that is specific to AirPods. Hopefully we’ll develop a new standard or version of Bluetooth that isn’t as constrained by this.

Will say I definitely recommend the pros over regular AirPods for sound quality and comfort (and probably better mic quality too). There’s tons of YouTubers who have videos breaking down the difference between different AirPods models and competitors. I’d recommend watching a few of those videos if you’re torn over what to buy. Cheers.


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The media is the villain for reporting on a Congress person who fictionalized essentially their entire life in order to get elected?

Santos is a piece of shit and deserves to be grilled as hard as he is being grilled in the spotlight. He brought it on himself.

Some of the lies he told in regard to 911 and his supposed Jewish heritage are just gross and honestly alarming.

I’ll enjoy my popcorn as the media continues to grill him, as they should. He’s proof that we’re not vetting our politicians in any significant way.


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Are you a troll or just intentionally misreading my point?

I’ll repeat it so I’m clear: you shouldn’t need to shoot in RAW to get decent photos on Apple’s flagship smartphone. Anyone who jumped from the iPhone XS to the 13 or 14 (pro or not) can see that there is an issue with overexposure, oversharpening, and just a general change in how HDR is being handled.

Apple took away the HDR toggle option in the camera settings starting with the 13 and imo it was a mistake.

My 14 pro takes incredible photos, especially in RAW or with third party apps, but I shouldn’t have friends asking why the stock camera settings make their photos look weird and synthetic when they upgrade to one of the newer phones.

Having to adjust the settings to get a decent photo is antithetical to apple’s ethos towards the iPhone user experience. IMO they know this is an issue but haven’t acknowledged it yet. The 15 or 16 will hopefully have the software adjusted to match the new sensors and hardware on the 14 pro.

Sorry if that makes you angry but there’s a whole lotta people with technical knowledge of cameras and photography that have raised this issue. To respond to your other reply to my other comment, yes professional photographers use “real” cameras for their work but they also snap shots with their cell phone. To discount their knowledge because they’re using a smartphone is idiotic as the gap between DSLR and smartphone cameras gets smaller as the years go by and tech improves.


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Idk why you’re being downvoted. It’s the truth and I hope Apple acknowledges it sooner than later.

Apple does like to see things in their special way, but the over sharpening and over processing is disappointing for what is supposed to be their flagship phone.

MKHBD even made a video about it. Downvoting someone because “Apple doesn’t see it that way” is a great way to silence feedback that continue to highlight the problem to Apple across different channels.


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I like it a lot for when I’m listening to music, using my iPhone as a controller for Apple TV, on phones calls, and for pulling up my timers.

Those are things I use it for usually.