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Jesus Fucking Christ! (Yes I think the situation calls for it to be spelled all the way out)

They’re lucky nobody has come in there with a gun saying shit like you got 20 minutes or they’re in foster care! I don’t even have kids and the empathetic shiver that just went down my spine was insane. Very sorry you went through that. How can they even say they care about the kids when they do that?


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That’s not what the study implies. It is specifically about creativity. Dumb people can be evil, they will just be amongst the followers or at least they will not be amongst their “thought leaders”

Edit: it’s also about personality, not intelligence


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Really? No context? What about the comment Bubbagump made where he said “cooking isn’t processing?”

Just because you came in way after the fact doesn’t mean there isn’t sufficient context to at least cast doubt on what you thought they meant.


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The selection is usually better too. I can’t smoke anything anymore but I’m allowed edibles and tinctures and stuff. Getting my medical card allowed me to get more consistent access to a better variety. I was going to places before getting my card and being told they’re out of tinctures for recreational customers quite often.


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Are you now suggesting the IRS was unaware that 19 states issued refund checks and that they just recently found out? Nobody with two brain cells to rub together followed the news and thought “that’s a potential problem”

Again, they are just announcing this now, after enough time has passed for people to have actually filed. This is a farce


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They literally could have warned us about this when they announced the checks were going out. They waited until some people had actually filed to tell us to wait, without so much as offering to extend the deadline, a necessary things since now more people will be filing closer to the deadline.

They’ve gone about this all wrong from the very beginning so I’m not inclined to feel sympathetic for them as an organization.


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So who goes after the IRS if they don’t do this? Why is it a question, the IRS doesn’t even seem sure of the answer since they’re not issuing guidelines, they’re telling us to wait. Also you know how government departments work right? Some of them are entirely made up of non-elected, appointed officials who can pass things that have the effect of law (not saying this 100% good or bad all the time or that all departments have equal power to do this).

The issue is more complicated than you are making it sound.

Edit: a word


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They are absolutely not working in this as hard they can. If they were it would be solved, it’s a decision. Not to mention that I’m pretty sure they could unilaterally decide not to with no repercussions.

This whole situation is being caused by the IRS and with the stroke of a fucking pen it could end.


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Pretty sure even the state GOP party doesn’t really like him. I worked an event years ago when he was supposed to get nominated for something (possibly to run for Senator?) and they had to do a ridiculous amount of rounds of voting (not as many as McCarthy needed) to get him through.

It took so long my work partner needed to be relieved and then his replacement had to leave and they paid us a bunch of money to stand around all day and not actually do the thing we were hired to do because it was supposed to happen at the end of the event, which at the point the replacement left was running hours behind schedule.

It was a fucking embarrassment. Student run college groups had better organization than those bozos.

Amazing planners


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I’m not an expert but I think not all endeavors in carbon capturing are successful.

I’m also not sure how big this particular group of people are but there are people that see big corporations investing/spending money on carbon capture and because it’s big businesses doing, likely to be able to keep doing business as usual for as long as possible they seem to genuinely want these efforts to fail out of spite for companies. Pretty sure the Guardian ran a piece last week practically gloating that whatever company Microsoft(among other companies) pay to do carbon capturing to offset their output was failing to do so.

The only other reason I can think of is that people want to do this process more naturally. I can understand that but we need all hands on deck and we’re not going to regrow the vast sections of the Amazon overnight. Another solution I’ve seen is increasing the amount of algae in the seawater but this suggestion has several problems. For one thing I’ve never seen an actionable plan to do this. I’ve also seen marine scientists say that this would have an absurdly profound impact on Ocean ecosystems.

Again not my area of expertise, maybe somebody can help explain better. Basically people don’t like the solution because they have doubts as to its efficacy (fair but misguided, solar panels weren’t as efficient as they are now so the current efficiency shouldn’t be a long term consideration), they don’t like the majors players currently pushing this technology or they think a more natural solution is what we should pursue.

I’m an all hands on deck kinda guy myself


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So… I can’t be interpreting this right. If this also applies to humans wouldn’t this mean that every vaccinated person who got Covid afterwards and claims to have gotten long Covid is lying or having some kind of breakthrough infection? I mean it’s a mice study so it wouldn’t have to apply to humans the same way anyways but aren’t they describing the prevention of the long Covid process here?


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I used to work events. I’ve been asked to work every holiday, not every year, but at some point I was asked to work every one. That was kinda wild.

But this is sort of a good example. It was unfair of them to beg me to work on the 4th of July and make it seem like I was letting them down because I was told that was one of the days I’d never even be asked to work. But I also almost never got New Year’s Eve off and had to work a really long shift.

But thing is we were an events company that did weddings, corporate events, concerts/shows and more. We always had multiple of all three that night. I was told when I “signed up” to not expect to have NYE off. Ever. That didn’t mean it couldn’t happen (and it happen more than once) but it was not something to be counted on.

Btw I’m not surprised by how many assholes there out there. My boss would tell them it cost the same amount of money for me to leave and come back after setting up a “concealed” confetti cannon for a midnight pop-off as it was to stay and 99.9% of the time they made me stay on site for no reason. Complete waste of time.

Admittedly a lot of jobs don’t have something so dramatic but there’s always something. Tax season. Flu season. End of the quarter. Going back to school. People repairing damage from storms such as linemen restoring power, snow plows making roads passable, aid workers responding to a catastrophe or contractors of all sorts fixing damage to various aspect of residential and commercial buildings.

Just something I think people should keep in mind as they think of how actual policy would/should work.


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Again, agreed. Are Walmarts open for nonessential stuff too that day? Despite there being one in the next town over from me they’re not very popular where I am. We have the density to support several and I think we do but I’ve been to once of them one and had to use google maps to get there.

Edit: “one” to “once”


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Oh I absolutely agree, just when I hear “flexibility” I think “holidays off” and a place like a hospital just can’t do that. Even if you cut hours by half and doubled or even tripled staff some of them would have to work on Christmas, a portion of whom would likely rather be celebrating.

I really don’t care about the downvotes I got, my only real point is that there will never be a perfect system where everybody gets what they want until we can automate literally everything.

Edit: actually tbh I had two points. The anecdote about “who would be working the restaurant?” Was just a slight warning about people not getting carried away with sentiment. There will still be overnight jobs. There will still be manual labor. Customer service jobs will always suck because of the customers. Et cetera

Edit 2: spelling on first edit, “restaurant” is hard