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Game of Thrones fans on r/television are just so tiring. Its either the IP is ruined forever, it has no cultural impact, I would never watch GOT again or blind worship of it and blindly shitting on other shows. There is no nuance, no middle ground, it is either the greatest or the worst and nothing in between.


mrnicegy26 t1_iu3vb44 wrote

I don't really have any strong opinion on this show but it is fascinating how divisive it is overall. It doesn't seem to be an atrocity that its biggest haters claim it is, but it is also not the ultimate fantasy show that it's supporters claim.

Honestly for a show that is just 7/10, I don't get why it inspires so much passion on both sides other than the fact it belongs to the Lord of the Rings IP. And even then its not like its existence will somehow erase the existence of the original books or the Peter Jackson movies.