mrpeaceNunity t1_ja1ujnw wrote

Philadelphians want political leaders who are from the masses. We have 25% poverty level.

Couple of good examples: Kendra Brooks Jamie Gauthier

I don't like Rebecca for mayor. She is good as a controller but not as a mayor. I don't see her bringing unity or as someone who can identify with Philadelphians.

Again I like Jeff Brown and I also like Maria. But I lean towards Jeff.


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Do not buy a car at the auction.

Pay a mechanic a couple hundred dollars to go with you to look some used cars. And then purchase one.

Paying 1000 extra for a quality used car will save you a lot of money and headache down the road.

Also watch out for Nissans with the cvt transmissions Dodge darts and any German car with more than 100k miles


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Thankfully, I live on the street where there's several families with young kids as well.

Setting up play dates is such a task.. so it's a welcome unintended benefit to just sit outside on the stoop and kids stop by and play