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There's an old saying "softly softly catchee monkey", it means you should creep up and be gentle when trying to achieve a goal, so by bashing people over the head instead of taking them gently by the arm you're working against yourself to achieve your outcome. The other saying is "catch more flies with honey than vinegar".


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Women who gave birth to chimp babies more often didn't like it so they stopped/died in childbirth. The ones that were ok with chimps were also ok with normal babies so the survived


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Bought a Miele on a Reddit recommandation, it's solid after 9 years, no problems. I've killed many vacuums (4 in one year once) but not this one yet.

I sucked up a sports sock the other day and it was ok.

I'd have preferred bagless to reduce expenses but I just empty the bag and reuse a few times and it's still fine.