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Covid has been linked to severe memory degradation (

Anecdata: was out sick for two weeks, can barely remember anything from that time. Friend was out sick for months and struggled with massive memory issues for even longer.

We barely have an idea how viral infections affect the human body, and we're only now after covid beginning to take the significant toll that post-viral infections can have seriously. The ME/CFS / EBV link goes into a similar direction and I would not be surprised if recent research linking Alzheimer, Parkinson and ALS to viral infections ( gets onto a more significant foundation as well.


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What does Canada need tanks for anyway? I mean, outside of NATO assistance it's extremely unlikely that Canada is ever attacked in a land war - to the south there is only the USA and on the Eastern front there's Alaska (again USA) to protect against possibly dumb AF Russians.

Wouldn't it be better to use the money and staff for something like naval or aerial assets?


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You need one CO alarm for each room with a combustion-based heater.

As for the fans: the one blowing in air is no problem at all, but the one blowing towards outdoors is. Even if it doesn't draw in visible smoke from the oven, it still may draw in CO.

Don't mess with CO. It's incredibly deadly and it is a regular occurrence that people die because something broke somewhere.


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Please, get a carbon monoxide alarm. CO sinks to the lowest place in a house, which in your case is the basement.

CO doesn't smell and you often don't notice what is going on before it is way too late.

And never operate the fan at the same time the oven is running, the fan will suck the smoke into the bathroom.


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And the problem is that there seem to be [](some strains of syphilis) on the rise that are resistant to antibiotics. It's only time until there's a truly multi-resistant strain, and infections are on the rise in general over all STIs - and as we've seen with covid, the more infections the more mutations.


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>We should do what Australia does and require people to vote or they get fined

That will just end up with people fucked over because they have to work two jobs and each employer can say "go vote in your free time". Voting day needs to be made a federal holiday (or for state/local elections, a local holiday) and workers who have to work should get a federally guaranteed right to mail-in or early voting ffs.