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I filled the form in online. I didn’t get real ID but needed to order a fresh birth certificate. I started earlier than you.

I made an appointment at AAA. The RMV form I’d filled in online got to the necessary status the day before my AAA appointment.

Here is one note on electronic form design:

The RMV form has lots of fields, but father’s last name is immediately to the left of gender.

Well my dad was male so I kept picking male, and the form wouldn’t get processed.

Day or two before my AAA appointment, I got a clue and updated the form to my gender.

Another note: on the eye test, I found out last summer that I have cataracts. A month or two ago, I finally saw a surgeon. Takes a very long time to see a surgeon.

Anyway, she let me know my vision was awful and I needed glasses to drive. The glasses made a great difference.

So my prep for renewing my license started last summer and continues. After surgery this coming summer, I’ll find out if I still need glasses. If not, I’ll have to update the license.

I’m a planner type so as I said, I had an idea that my night vision was sh*t, and I’d noticed bright lights getting extra sparkly recently in daylight. So I was super concerned about driving and was not driving at night at all. Concerned about whether I could respond as needed to the need, if a friend had trouble or there was a bad situation at work.

I’m sure if you fill in the form online and book at AAA today, you’ll make the deadline, as long as you have a current passport or birth certificate.


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There were so many posts recently that sort of meant to call attention to the most obscure problems in our state. I hope our moderator team can stay on top of this. I block each account they does this.

It reminds me of the patri0t fr0nt marching in Boston. Just people targeting us because of our high human development index.


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Vermont is always putting a lot of pressure on New Hampshire. Okay that’s an old joke from Car Talk.

As everyone else said: it’s proximity to the eastern part of Massachusetts that increases population in southern New Hampshire.

Vermont (and far western Massachusetts) have lots of people from New York City. They can pay crazy high prices for real estate. They go back to the city for medical care. Some go as far as Vermont. But the whole Lenox/wolf trap area has events, some simulcasts from New York, to satisfy people who want to flee the city.


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Our veterinarian has her hair dyed blue. We love it. She’s the best veterinarian I’ve ever had.

It might depend on your field, however. There will always be small minded people who can’t see past their own fears.


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Reply to King Cake by britbanana

This sounds weird but a very similar flavor, with almond filling, is at Trader Joe’s: their Almond Kringle. It’s a flat pastry, over a foot in diameter, in the baked goods section. In a flat waxed paper bag, folded and stickered shut on the open end.

My friend used to order a king cake from Louisiana and have it shipped. That’s the other option.


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I’m grateful for the frugality practices I learned in the 1970’s from my parents who grew up in the Great Depression.

I’m grateful that the days are lengthening.

I worry like heck for everyone who lives as they did before: their costs will be terrifying.