mtb443 t1_j6f6c2u wrote

I LOVE Severance. Cannot stand Mr. Robot.

Personally i hate shows that go all-in on the unreliable narrator. Ret-conning events because the narrator lied does not mean you are being clever, it just means i shouldn’t trust anything i see, in that case why tf should i care.

I like using a puzzle analogy. A good mystery gives you puzzle pieces but doesn’t tell you what the picture looks like. You can tell which obvious pieces go together but not exactly what it means, as the story goes on the picture becomes more clear and you get an earned “ah-ha”. A bad mystery gives you pieces and the picture but when you start putting it together it flips the board and says “hah got you! You’re so confused right now!” Then you just sit there staring at a giant mess until they just explain what the puzzle was all along.