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Seconding Stairhoppers. I moved a lot of small things myself and mostly used them for the large stuff. They were incredible fast and it was under $500 with the tip. I did have to pay to reserve parking spots for the moving truck which was another $90.


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Your other option is to talk to a real estate broker. They have their own listings of apartments that landlords are looking to rent. In my experience I’ve already seen 90% of them by searching on my own (since brokers will also post the units on craigslist/zillow/facebook). Good luck!


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They make it sound damn near impossible to switch a NY registration to MA, and neither state gives an F that their laws conflict with the other’s.

MA requires you to have MA insurance before you resister your car/get your MA plates. NY requires you to surrender your NY plates and registration before you cancel your NY insurance (if you don’t, they will suspend your license). MA does not issue temporary plates, and you must have plates on your car. There is no grace period for any of this. Some people have managed by temporarily holding two car insurance policies. I somehow managed without doing that, but rather switching everything on the same day and mailing the NY plates back the day I got my MA plates.


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It’s not about being polite, it’s about protecting OP from the legal consequences of shorting their rent. OP can escalate it and the court will back them if the landlord refuses to refund the fee, but they have no case if they haven’t even tried asking for the fee back.


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I have these tension rods. They can be made very tight, and they won’t loosen up because there’s a screw that keeps the tension in place.


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Not a bar (I don’t even know if they serve alcohol?) but Andala Coffee House always looks super cozy. Sometimes they have musicians jamming together.


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I haven’t tried a ton of their prepared foods, but Daily Table has a lot of very cheap meals you can just heat up. Probably not as nice as a restaurant meal, but I’ve gotten some decent stuff there.


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I just learned that ManRay nightclub in Central Square just reopened in a new location after closing in 2005. It’s more goth than queer specifically, but they say they’ll have LGBTQ-friendly themed nights. I’m glad it’s back - the articles about its closing lamented Central losing its “funk.”


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I’m no handy man, but based on my googling I think the combi boiler in my closet provides both heat and hot water to my unit only. My place is on the newer side so, for instance, I lose very little heat through my windows. It may just be better insulated in general compared to older units.


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A studio near Harvard will be at least $1,800. Many landlords will require 3x the rent in monthly income, so $72k annually, unless you have a guarantor or savings. With no debt and minimal monthly expenses (e.g., no car) you could probably make it work if living alone is really important to you, but you’ll be much more comfortable if you find a roommate or two.


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$76. I used 29 therms. ~750 sq ft apartment. I keep my place in the high 60s. I have a gas stove and gas water heater. Honestly not sure how the heat works… my electricity bill is pretty steady throughout the months when I don’t have AC on, so I assume it’s gas heat.